19 March 2005

don't force your politics upon me

after the protest today, when e, j, and i were waiting for the train, this woman tried to hand us peta stuff on becoming a vegan. i say, "no i'm a vegetarian." she started screaming abt how i should give up dairy (i think j and e eat meat, though i'm not totally sure abt e...they were smart and just ignored her) and how it causes cancer and they give the cows hormones. and i was like "no, i drink organic milk," and she goes, "they still get hormones." i read the box of my organic valley milk and it says "no hormones," etc on there. she totally pissed me off.

after she was done harassing me for causing cows to suffer, she started harassing these fifty-something upper east side ladies (not women, but "ladies" with hats, the fancy schmancy type) to go vegan, and they're like "we're not interested" abt 10 times and she went on and on. i really don't think they're going to go vegan because some lunatic was screaming in their face.

i am vegetarian, but i NEVER force my politics upon someone else. honestly, t eating fish grosses me out, and i hate that he eats them. (for the stupidest reason: they aren't mammals, they can't feel pain...um, t, i think they know they're dead!) but this is b/c i hold t up to high standards, he is one of the most impt people in my life. but i'm not going to lecture him everytime he decides to eat a sea creature. he is not going to go vegan no matter what i say (though i joke with him about it).

many vegans look like shit. their skin, hair, eyes lack the luster. i think of myself as a fairly healthy vegetarian--i eat beans whenever i can, include protein whenever i can--adding nuts to a salad, snacking on an egg or walnuts, drinking milk at meals and breakfast...it's HARD to be a healthy vegetarian. i think back to how i ate in high school and shudder.

i wish everyone was a vegetarian, to save all those animal's lives. but you know what? i don't see that happening anytime soon. i advise people taking things step by step to reduce whatever sufering they can. like don't buy fur, don't buy a leather coat, opt for non-animal products whenever necessary, cut your red meat intake (which is the worst for the environment), discover the joys of soy. but i won't lecture you, i promise. that's for the crazies and the republicants.


Lou said...

I agree the worst thing you can do for your cause, or any cause is try to preach to someone on a train platform. And vegans always seem to have that psychotic touch to them. Im a meat eater, and hey i love all different diets, but vegetarians are cool -- 9 out of 10 cannibals prefer vegetarians, but I can't think of the last time a meat eater shouted at me on a train platform. Her beef with you was kind of comical. When someone does that to you again, a vegan in particular, ask them how they even make it out of their house to step on the asphalt in the streets, after all that's got byproducts from cattle in it. When you ask this to a vegan though they usually become baffled and enraged, and in some cases their heads smoke and float away like a balloon.
Anyway's keep on posting, your stuff is good and insightful.
Peas out.

Laura in NYC said...

hmmm......interesting commentary. I missed all this that day as I left early. I agree I cannot stand it when people impose either their religion (or their anti-religion, the other side ) or politics on me. But at least vegans are doing their part, something. It's probably impossible to completely avoid contact with something that took an animal product, but that doesn't mean don't make an effort. If someone eats cheeseburgers and steak every day but are rescuing dogs, cats, pigs, animals from hurt and death then I'd say they're helping. BUT.....the way to turn people on to your beliefs is not to force them on people, I agree, and it doesn't sound to me like this woman was right in the head. The problem with political arguments is when they start to get personal or into a whose-the-righteous one thing.