19 March 2005

the purpose of clothing

i was trying to get my pajama top (i'm feeling pretty crummy here, i'm already in my pjs on a saturday night at 730pm, something i usually put off till much later) from my drawer but my shirt drawer was so full i couldn't close it, thus open my pajama drawer (just above it). i threw some of the shirts on the drawer, got my pajama top, and proceeded to go through my entire tshirt drawer. i put four shirts in my give-away pile. i find it so difficult to part with clothing.

part of the problem is a lot of my clothes i LOVE but i just don't have the purposes for wearing them. if i was working at the allen ginsberg library, or as a bartender, i would fully utilize all my clothes. however, halter tops and sequined miniskirts are not appropriate for the lifestyle i currently lead.

when i quit my corporate job, i still will never lead the lifestyle i had at 20--clubs, going on dates with different people (wait, t and i started dating when i was 20 years old and four or five months, so let's say, 19), working ultra-casual jobs, trying on thousands of outfits before leaving the house. i still try on way too many clothes, but i have very little corporate clothing, making dressing for work somewhat of a nightmare. plus, my job has a messed up heating system, so i have to dress in layers lest it be 30 degrees in july or 80 in february--literally.

i feel like i'm so old already, but this 9to5 shit is killing me. it's not for me. this summer, i'll learn more abt what is for me. i LOVE libraries...i know i am meant to be a librarian. as a kid, i was always drawn to libraries and reading, finding myself in libraries way too much. the only library i don't particularly like spending time in is my school library, because i am never doing anything fun in there. did i ever mention how much i loathe, hate and despise library school?

so even if i get my dream job as an academic librarian, i still can't wear tube tops and sparkly tshirts proclaimingstar across my chest. it's just a little too unprofessional.

i need more vacation days so i can wear my fun clothes.

i'm too sexy for my shirt...

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