13 March 2005


there's just a lot of things i like to think about. like, god, what happened to the cheryl who danced at raves? and what are the scofflaws doing--does glenn remember i asked him to my prom? and do you know how empty my apartment sometimes feels at night, with few lights on, luna sleeping on the bed in the other room? i wonder how it was i got from there to here. i think that must be the trippy thing about having kids: you get pregnant, have this beautiful baby, watch it cry, scream, revolt over the next twenty years, and suddenly, they're graduating college, and you look at yourself and realize you're not twenty, you're old, and look at what you CREATED, and it all breaks down. i think i'm just being too philosophical. i just read this story where the boyfriend leaves the girlfriend's window open, the cat leaves, gets hit by a car and dies, and she leaves him. what would you do had your boyfriend neglected your cat so? how do you live your life?

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