01 April 2005

sometimes i really hate men

when i was younger, and was asked out on dates by patron who were at
least ten years older than i was (and possible 20 or 30 years
older), the director of the library suggest i dress "less
attractive." as it was summertime and we had crappy air
conditioning, i wore skirts and dresses daily (shorts were not
allowed). i took offense to that; i should not have to alter my
behavior because there are perverts who are into 16 year old girls.
THEY should be the ones doing the changing.

likewise, this is how i am feeling today. i LOVE summertime, and
yes, i LOVE short skirts. i love skirts of any kind, but especially
short ones, ones that are pleated or that flutter out as i spin.
today i was wearing a knee-length one that had a slit, and it has a
tendency to hike up around my waist so every so often i need to pull
it down. so i'm crossing broadway by city hall and this asshole
truck driver is like "nice skirt." i gave him the finger and told
him to go fuck himself.

it surprises when my strong, feminist friends are shy of telling
guys to get the hell away. i like to make them feel shitty--they are
making me feel shitty with each "compliment." it's not a compliment,
go away!

and i know i'm beautiful, i know i have great legs (which is why i
love to wear skirts), and i don't need reinforcement from some
disgusting men.

and as the cheer goes,
My body's nobody's body but mine,
You run your own body, let me run mine!

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