03 April 2005

some books you just need to read right now

i've been doing a ton of reading lately, and wanted to make some suggestions to ya'll. a lot of it is travel-related, surprise, surprise. right now i'm involved in the drama of the backpack, but here's some reading to keep you occupied.

  • A Thousand Days in Venice: An Unexpected Romance by Marlene De Blasi. This book is fantastic. Marlena is "of a certain age" (I'm guessing in her late forties/early fifties) when she falls in love with a Venetian. She sells her home in the USA, and moves to Venice to consumate their affair. It is such a beautiful, sweet book. I was practically crying as I finished it, for reasons of happiness.
  • Tales of a Female Nomad by Rita Golden Gelman. You can find more information about it on Rita's site, http://www.ritagoldengelman.com/book.html I found this book absolutely fascinating, and again, it dealt with an older woman traveling. She doesn't fall in love, but she has such a fantastic and wonderful life. It's truly a terrific memoir.
  • Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. I have read all of the Murakami books that are translated into English, and he is a fantastic Japanese writer. You may find yourself addicted to his writing style. His books are very unusual, and may seem to be science-fiction but I can't stop reading them! (This is why my huge paper has practically nothing on it, while I have finished that book!)
  • Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer. This book is a fantastic retelling of a crisis on Mt. Everst that led to the death of many hikers. Krakauer was there, and you really feel like you are there. Yes, you may even cry.
  • Without Reservations by Alice Steinbach. This is another tale of a forty-something woman who travels around the world. So inspirational.

What have I been listening to?

  • The new Moby CD, Hotel
  • http://www.kcrw.com/online/ My fave online radio station
  • Judge Jules on the BBC (accessed through www.bbc.co.uk, click on radio, and it's under dance music)
  • Some mix CDs Venessa made me
  • My cat

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