29 April 2005

it's time to leave

i know it's time to leave corporate america when i get mad looking
at magazines at work.

for example,

"David Boies takes on Eliot Spitzer in the Fight Over AIG" (Forbes,
May 9, 2005)
Um, as far as I know, AIG did many things wrong, and I think Spitzer
rocks b/c he is making corporate crooks pay...and I like that about

"Why Google Scares Gates: It's Not Just Web Search. Google Attacks
Microsoft on its Own Turn: Your PC. How Gates is Fighting Back."
(Fortune May 2, 2005)
I don't like the monopoly that Google has on web searching, and I do
like vivisimo (www.vivisimo.com) but I HATE the monopoly Microsoft
has. Yes I have Windows, but I read a lot, abt what MS is saying abt
Linux (that Linux users and creators deny). Grrrrr. We the people
need more choices!

Information Week (April 25, 2005) also has Gates on the cover, as if
he doesn't get enough publicity. I do like that Gates has donated
many computers to various libraries around the country, including a
library I previously worked at!

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