10 April 2005

being a cat lady

it's happening. i'm about ready to start looking for studio apartments (though i'm more thinking of bed-stuy instead of the bronx) where i can become a cat lady. i need about twelve more cats first.

today i took luna on a walk to emily's (around the block). she walked fine sometimes, other times stopped and tried to hard. i got in a conversation with several old polish people, and they though it was great i was walking my cat. some guy told me he saw a woman wheeling her cat in a cat carriage. i saw it in dr foster & smiths; i totally want it. at emily's, luna hid under the couch. now she's cleaning herself at my feet, so sweet and cute and warms my heart like nothing else. i'm on my way to being a crazy cat lady.

my first plan was love; as that's not working out, the cat lady approach seems more attractive than ever. i have a lot of furniture, but it was be crammed into my studio for my cats.

my cat lady idea is somewhat a joke, somewhat not. i don't want my apartment to smell like cat pee, but i really do want another cat. a furry little friend for luna.

i always said if things with t didnt work out, i'd get 15 cats and move to a studio apartment in the bronx (b/c how else could i afford to live if i'm feeding 15 cats?).

today, i'm thinking i'll probably stay in my greenpoint apartment with just one cat, but sometimes, it's nice to fantasize. wouldn't it be fun sleeping in a bed with 18 cats?

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