29 April 2005

what is important to me: my life, not my job

i was getting my new laptop at work when one of the IT people tried to
give me an instructional sheet on how to access the internet from
home. she said, "you probably don't use this too often," and i
said, "actually, as a junior librarian, i never work from home." she
said, "well take it anyway. keep it in the bottom of your computer
bag, and if anything ever happens again...then you'll have it." i
immediately think of sept 11th, and think, fuck work, like i would
stop to detach all the wires and shutdown my laptop, put it in the
bag, etc, if planes flew into my bldg. perhaps she noticed my
expression and said, "like if the building is closed for some
reason, you know." like what reason? that totally pissed me off. it's the idea
of business continuity and even if planes have been flown into
buildings and people have died, i should be sitting in my apartment,
not mourning, but doing research on my laptop in my living room.

fuck that.

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