19 April 2005

looking back

in high school, i used to be one of the arts students--i took tons of art classes, photography classes, was in the thespian guild (which many people called the lesbian guild), and every year, went to the olympics of visual arts in albany, new york, where schools from various parts of the country competed. our illustration group did not win, but all three years i performed in the performing arts category, we won. we wrote scripts, acted them out (whether we were characters in the painting or artists themselves), did research about the paintings, designed our sets, put together costumes. i just started thinking about that, and wow, i really had so many outlets to channel my creative energy.

as adults, to get involved in creative aspects of the world, you must seek it out; it does not come in the form of a flyer on a hallway in your high school or an ad in the school newspaper. you must conscientiously read the village voice and the l magazine, browse through craig's list, even post ads on craig's list. why is it so hard to be creative? if i want to play poker, or talk about football, or discuss the exciting world of hedge funds (what is a hedge fund, by the way? i only research it, but my disdain has prevented me from learning more about it. yuck, financial services industry.)--it's easy. being creative--that's hard.

so i'm glad i creative. i make presents for my family, fashion unusual cat toys for the laziest cat on the earth. i write stories, read novels, write notes to my friends. i make soaps, paint watercolors (even though i have crappy paint and crappy paper and crappy brushes), sketch when i'm bored during class. i think it's important to not forget my creative roots.

viva la creativity!

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