03 April 2005

things to do with really, really ripe strawberries

  • chopped them up. put them in a bowl with yogurt (i prefer brown cow's cream top vanilla), coarse brown sugar, and sliced almonds. stir and eat.
  • throw them into a blender with ice, other fruits if you desire, juice, and yogurt. blend. drink.
  • mash and spread onto thick slices of bread for a homemade jam.
  • blend with ice and vodka in the blender.
  • search on the internet for sangria recipes, and other fruity drinks like daiquiris.
  • spread across your lover's body.
  • feed them to your lover or self covered with a fine sprinkling of sugar.
  • add to cereal.
  • make strawberry walnut oatmeal. here's how: follow directions for old-fashioned quaker oats. when it's done, add walnuts, strawberries, brown sugar, and milk.
  • add to a light mixed green salad.
  • add to rice pudding.
  • top plain brown rice with butter, a little sugar and salt, and strawberries.

i have some really, really ripe strawberries (which is why they were on sale). here are some of my ideas. enjoy!

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