06 October 2006

15.5 miles

after work, i ran across wall st, crossed broadway, and then ran behind the world financial center to meet up with my beloved path along the hudson river/west side highway. i feel like i'm in another country when i run here, for some reason. today, i was getting flashbacks of running along the ocean in iceland (yes, the entire atlantic ocean was right next to me), running in copenhagen, running in other cities along rivers. traveling last summer, i thought, "wow, all these cities have rivers. crazy." it's because, duh, water means water, commerce, fish, etc. but my run today, i felt like i was in another country--not new york city.

i ran all the way up, past 100th st, and turned around at some point. then i ran across 104th st, then ran south to 96th st, entered central park, ran north, ran west, and ran south. i ran over 2 hours at about 9 minutes per mile (though at certain times, much faster) pace, running, loving it, feeling truly alive. nothing makes me happier than pounding the pavement. i wore my running skirt, a long-sleeved thin shirt (which i didn't want in the beginning but was very glad i had in the end), with my fuel belt, carrying two powergels (chocolate goo, yum), clif blocs (cran-razz, my fave!), and sports jelly beans (orange, okay), with of course, water.

i don't know how running can make me so happy--i think it is filling in a void left in me since love is no longer there. and i LOVE running--it's a way to spiritually fill me, physically fill me, emotionally fill me. nothing, in my life now, is more perfect than running.

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