15 October 2006

i heart inga

last night i went to hear inga muscio read at bluestockings. she was, of course, phenomenal. she read from her new amazing book, autobiography of a blue-eyed devil, which is well-researched (high praise coming from a librarian), articulate, shocking, and even humorous. i love inga. i don't think i have time or the proper words to discuss this (although, v, i've discussed this in a letter), but she blew our minds. everyone was laughing, shocked, angry--all together. she really is a phenomenal woman.

one thing she DID do was reading the original chapter where she talks about re-reading little house on the prarie as an adult and seeing the disgusting racism against american indians. she had long excerpts but a week before production, random house revoked permission (probably getting wind of what inga was planning on doing with it (dissecting its racism)) and so she had to paraphrase. she read the entire piece as she originally intended it, and you see how fucked up and racist they were--but as inga points out, laura, like herself, and me, and most others, are products of our white supremacist society. it is SO easy to just accept things; it is harder to question everything about our society. that is what i try to do, and honestly, it's not easy, but you have to do it...or you are doomed to become like others, without assisting the progression of humans.

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