02 October 2006

i love to breathe

Walking home alone at 2am, streets empty save kissing couples surrounded by darkness, I trudge home in short skirt/bare legs, dreaming, loving oxygen, happy. The girl with the cute hipster glasses in front of me stops short, and I walk around her quickly as she leans to kiss the man holding her hand again. "I love loving you and you loving me." I walk on.

At home, I let myself into a quiet apartment with an overexcited cat who circles my legs until I pick her up to cuddle her into my arms. She is happy when we settle into bed together, with some treats on her pillow.

Being in love is the best thing in the world. I'd rather have love than anything else. If you are able to sustain your love and the incredible energy that goes along with it, that is a HUGE accomplishment. I miss being in love--kissing someone you are in love with is the most incredible thing in the world, better than anything you could ever buy--but I know I mustn't dwell upon what I lost, but instead, appreciate every little thing in my life.

Being asthmatic makes me do this. Before, my breathing grew irregular. After I calmed it down, I enjoyed and savored each breath. Non-asthmatics, take a nice deep inhale right here--ahhh, I'm so jealous of you! Enjoy that! Enjoy every lovely moment in your day--I am here.

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