15 October 2006

running pics of me

here are some running pictures of me. the one where i am ready for my run with my arms down is BEFORE saturday's 23 mile run. with the arms above my head, it is after my 23 miler and i am signalling victory. somehow, i felt great. hungry, tired and a bit sore, yes, but great. the one of me in the subway is something i've been wanting to do for a while. it's me running with deena kastor (who i want to win nyc this year!) and paul tergat (the flash has blinded him in the face :( ). i'm hoping to get a better shot of this with me in my full running regalia, wooohooo! anyway, you can see how high maintanance i am with running. my hair is up in buns to prevent those nasty sweat dreds you get with running too long with ponytails, the sports bar is supportive and coolmax (you can't see), the tank also some sort of sweat-drawing-away-from-the-skin (also coolmax, perhaps?), the shorts coolmax (and they feature pockets in the back for goo, yum, chocolate goo and strawberry banana powergel!) and my fuel belt includes water, a pocket for clif shot blocs and sports jelly beans. check out my wristband (white with a pink heart) and my ankle brace. i also wore new sneakers by saucony and six-year old sunglasses by arnette. oh, and it was 45 degrees F when i left my house! my hands were cold the first few miles. here's to the running nerds of planet earth! and yes, running along the fdr, i lifted my water bottles like one might lift a glass of champagne--here's to new york, and the world's finest marathon!

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Christian said...

Greetings. ...stumbled upon your blog from a link at Runners World.

I am impressed with your 23 mile runs ...inspired more like it. At 23 and 24 mile runs you should do really well at the ING. My longest thus far was 14 yesterday {sunday} and I slept all day afterwards.

I am training for the Marathon at the Palm Beaches in West Palm Beach, Florida. It's my first and I wanted my virgin marathon to be as flaaaat as possible.

The city sounds like a great place to run but doesn't the smog, exhaust ..etc. get to you? Seems like that would be harsh on the breathing.

Good luck on your race. I comb the web for tips, ideas and other people's perspectives on training and your little "web home" was refreshing.

Good luck at the ING!

-- Christian, phatz.com