23 October 2006

cutting off those that hurt you

a year and a half ago, inspired by krs-one's ruminations, i decided to cut off those that were bad for me. friends who hurt me but were my friends, shitty people in my life. since i had already stopped talking to the incredibly hurtful sibling of mine (who many of you may not even know i have since i never mention him, even to some of my close friends), i cut out a few other people, some of whom i deeply loved--because i saw they were bad for me.

now, years later, i miss them incredibly, even those that were bad for me--the people who made me feel bad about myself, those who put me down as a method of pulling themselves up, and even the one who tried to steal my cat...

it's so hard to let go, even years later. i miss them all; i miss them all greatly.

i love you wherever you are.

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