09 September 2004

disgruntled, part 2

everyone seems unhappy here at work. what does this mean? i don't know. i have to carry a heavy backpack (with all my books for my thesis that i'm returning) to a school in another borough...

you don't want to hear me whine though! (and neither does trevor, but poor boy, he does!)

weather.com lied--there wasn't any rain during the day today either! i would've worn flipflops but instead my dirty pink diesel sneakers.

the state of the world is unsettling. i mean, gwb is prezzie! um, i don't think so!

can someone figure out a way for me to maintain my sanity? thanks, i really appreciate that....

until next time, i'm a tomato lover. my dad grows the best tomatoes, the best, i love sliced cold tomatoes with salt on them.

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