20 September 2004

oh my god i'm watching movies!

anyone that knows me knows i rarely watch movies. i've been getting into the documentary bandwagon (although i always liked docs, there's really so many terrific ones out lately!) and have watched several movies worth of watching again.

farenheit 9/11
amazing. i hated bush but i didn't realize how hardcore he had betrayed me and other americans. it's insane. sad. angry. wanting to create social change. it's the story of how dubya knew abt 9/11 and his actions. i watched it twice, in the theatres.
twice in the theatres is a world record for me.

the yes men
i cheered for them at the human rights film festival and then watched their film. amazing. it blew me away. i enjoyed it so much i am going to pay to see it this weekend. basically it's the story of these guys who create a wto-look-a-like website www.gatt.org that gets them several invitations to speak as wto reps...and the hilarious results. inspiring for activists.
one at a preview, once (to be) in the theatres.

the corporation
amazing. http://www.filmforum.com here in nyc is showing it. it's amazing and examines the corporation psychologically as if it were a person--and the insane results. very informative and interesting.
once in the theatres

i wanted to see this and finally rented it from photoplay. i got so mad at o'reilly when he's yelling at this guy who is against the war and whose dad died in the wtc--SHUT UP!!! it's insane and you also learn more abt how rBST is so evil. i drink organic milk, you should too!
rented once

the weather underground
in 1969 a group of people broke off fr sds to form the weather men. these people advocated violence to create a revolution. crazy the things they did, but it was really interesting.
rented and watched 1 1/2 times.

any movies to recommend??? let's have a date!

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