05 September 2004

so i actually did something today, and it's only 2 pm!!

i got up, swept and mopped the floors, and did all that boring cleaning crap yr lucky if you do once a year. before trev moved in, i'd clean weekly--usually i'd straighten up daily and on sundays or some weekend day, i'd spend a few hours mopping and that sort of thing. so i'm proud i cleaned today. of course, i must admit trev is away.

if he was here, there's no doubt in my mind. we would've slept later, lazed around in bed not doing much of anything, checked my email, etc. so i'm glad i cleaned.

damn, there's all that boring reading i have to do for library school. i'll go over to the greenpoint cafe and drink some blood orange tea and read. how dull.

here's my top ten of things everyone should do in the next month:
  1. register to vote.
  2. register others to vote. check out the swing states. if you liked farenheit 9/11, visit http://www.michaelmoore.com and read all his stuff, then visit the section on what can i do. there are tons of sites where people are registering people to vote.
  3. clean their houses. dust is sucky!
  4. make love, not war.
  5. get yr pet vaccinated. there's tons of places that provide low or free pet vaccinations. i'm going to the sunday petco extravanganza. poor kitty!
  6. follow the news. follow at least one thing in the news so you can talk intelligently about it. hurricane francis? the tradgedy at the russian school? who can't afford the hamptons because they can't even afford to eat? you choose.
  7. buy a birthday gift for your friend. now buy yourself a gift because you're so cool!
  8. do something totally outrageous. go to the financial district in fishnets with anti-bush pins all over your purse. use food coloring to dye all your food, invite friends over for breakfast, and serve them green oatmeal, purple eggs, red water.
  9. do your homework, call your relatives, iron your clothes, and be a good girl.
  10. kick out the prezzie bush, and love your fuzzy bush. "my bush is better, it's fuzzy like a sweater! not like that prezzie peter, my bush is simply sweeter!"

that's all folks. have a lovely day! i promise to be updating this blog with increased regularity.

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