04 September 2004

a gigantic apology

i know i have totally neglected doing this blog over the past month and a half, but here's a bunch of reasons why. (oh yeah and please note, i feel so ill as i'm writing this and keep having to run away from my computer. i have cramps and a stomach ache and this feeling that won't let me do the BORING reading i have for school!)

  1. I am in school. This summer I suffered through a treachorous "Archives & Manuscripts" class which would have been wonderful had the teacher been able to teach. She looked down at us, and talked constantly of Long Island. I grew up there but...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! If you are interested in going to library school, Queens College has a cheap program: http://www.qc.edu
  3. MY TRUE LOVE GOT A JOB OFFER IN MASSACHUSSETTS! (Hopefully if all works out well with this one job, then he will be here, yay!)
  4. I have somewhat but not totally been writing. My writing partner, Venessa sends me edited drafts, which has really helped. Don't worry, my novel (one of them) will be coming out one of these days. In the future, I will be posting more of my writing to http://www.worldofcherie.blogspot.com You should check often.
  5. My sister moved to Wisconsin. I drove out there with her. I really hate Pennsylvania, also Ohio and Indiana and Illinois. Driving in a car crammed with stuff where you barely can fit in--not fun.
  6. I worked. My job is the same. Bleh. I like some things (like the $) but honestly, I need out. I have an interview for less than half of what I'm making at the end of the month--we'll see.
  7. Radical cheerleading! I will post something separate about the RNC protests but for the past three months we have been having practice once a week, cheering at various events, sometimes cheering throughout the streets in our "Happy Hour Cheertime." Very fun. Exhausting, too, though. http://www.nycradicalcheerleaders.org
  8. I am in the NYC marathon this year and have not been regularly lately--bad girl. This marathon is gonna kick my ass for real! Today I ran for two hours. I'm tired. If you want to start running check out http://www.runnersworld.com
  9. Being part of a rad project called Radical Reference. Librarians offering reference on the street to activists. Check us out on http://www.radicalreference.info

Have a wonderful day and don't get as busy as me. This fall I'll be busy with:

  1. Training for the marathon.
  2. Taking two classes--Online Retrieval and Young Adult Reader Services, as well as writing my thesis (on the topic of Alternative Libraries) which is worth three credits.
  3. Working. Trying to find a better job.
  4. Trying to write and work on inputting all the edits Venessa recommended.
  5. Going with the cheerleaders to various states to register votes and cheer. We are going to PA next weekend (or VA if that falls through) and possibly some of us (probably not me) to Colorado. WE NEED TO GET DUBYA OUTTA OFFICE!

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