04 September 2004

okay i am totally procrastinating at this point. i have to read six chapters plus two articles for class. my stomach hurts. let's see...

wait, i heard a question. what does miss cherie do in a day?


okay, what does ms. cherie do in a day?

here's what i did today:
630 am: snooze goes off.
730 am: i get out of bad. change into very unsexy running clothes (neon pink spandex shorts and gray sports bra). put on of those "water bottle on a skinny fanny pack type strap" on. put half of a power bar in my pocket.
930 am: no water, no powerbar. i ran all the way to the botanical gardens. eat cantaloupe while standing in front of the fridge. shower.
1030 am: after cereal, go to the bank. there are literally 30 people in front of me. there are two or three tellers. go to the library. b/c of the holiday, it is closed.
1100 am: eat couscous.
1130 am: take the 7 train to 5th ave. go to the verizon store who updates my phone which i doubt will help this problem. (how come my settings have been updated twice already with verizon and never with att or voicestream? what's the deal?) return a pumice stone at the body shop that was defective, and get a new one.
1131 am: the library is closed, the midmanhattan one. curse.
1134 am: get a large smoothie. feel better, but realize i make smoothies better.
12noon: check my email. straighten up the house.
2 pm: decide luna needs some exercise. take the b43 to the park (i'm not walking with that fat thing in a bag on MY shoulder!). some guy tells me all about his dead cat. heshe is freaked out and pees on her leash. good kitty.
230 pm: get peaches. old ladies think luna is so cute. she is clutching onto me like never before. i know she's not being affectionate.
240 pm: luna does not even TRY to go after the pigeons.
3 pm: take the b61 back home. i am filthy because kitty got dirty. take a shower.
320 pm: keep smelling smoke. smoke comes in my winter. i decide the building is on fire. grab my flash drive (my writing!) and am stuffing luna into a bag in the hallway. see my neighbor and tell him i smell smoke. i run outside.
my downstairs neighbor is barbecuing under my window.
330 pm: leave my house for upper west side.
4 pm: see this performance "circus amok." kids like some parts but it's mostly geared towards adults. a lot of antibush jokes! yay! the cheerleaders and i laugh.
6:30 pm: get home. my stomach feels like it's about to explode. try to do work. procrastinate instead.

i'll probably actually do my homework later. my friend was supposed to come over today but i don't think i'm up for anything. brown rice please. and water.

plenty of water!

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