04 September 2004

why i am so mad right now

Police and Protesters Spar a Last Time, Over the Peace

September 4, 2004

Police and protesters are engaged in one last dispute - this
time, over why the demonstrations outside the convention
ended up relatively tame.


Okay so the above article is such BULLSHIT!!! I can't believe the NY Times totally lied like that. One of my friends (a cheerleader) was arrested and the stories she told...I almost cried. Cops tightening plastic handcuffs after someone complained that they were too tight and the hands turning BLACK. people fainting. medication denied. phone calls, lawyers denied. bathrooms denied. food and water denied. crowded conditions. the people were kept in a former bus garage and there was oil all over the floor and probably asbetos in the air. Sugar cane, who has asthma, had trouble breathing and was denied her inhaler.

For more of the truth, email me cheriecat at aol dot com That is such BS.

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