20 March 2006

and the neighborhood's going down

yesterday, a surveyor was on my street. in light of all of the construction on franklin, i asked the surveyor, "please don't tell me you're going to rip up half my street and put it under construction for the next year."

he told me, no, they weren't going to. with relief, i started to walk away, and then asked him, "what are you doing?"

"we're putting up a big apartment building. right here," he said gesturing at the area across the street from me. great. my rents will rise, and that will be even worse construction.

i need to get out of greenpoint.

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Anonymous said...

There is the bright side - while it's being built, who will want to rent nearby?? i.e. you should be safe against rent rises during the 6 months-1 year it takes to build

Plus it seems like you cannot ever get away from the developers wherever you are - in the suburbs here they insist on trying to put up apartment buildings even though a) there is plenty of land b) no one will buy the darned rabbit hutches.

Just pray nightly for the Lord (or some other deity) to gather them to his bosom - quickly! LOL.