09 March 2006

dancing away the wednesdays

last night i went to le souk to see my friend gal dj. le souk is an awesome east village bar--no, bar is too weak a word, but club is too strong (maybe if we lived in kansas we'd consider this a club but in nyc, it's too small), and louge gives forth the idea that we are just sitting around, drinking, listening to some dj while talking politics. le souk has big hookah pipes were people smoke (and yes, people smoke cigs there too, :( ), amazing food, great decour, two floors, a big bed to lounge in, and an amazing drummer who beat along to the music. it was fantastic. i danced a lot (in my librarian clothes, no less).

one guy started dancing with him and i'm feeling pretty solitary so i mostly ignored him. then he lifted up his shirt, flexing his stomach muscles, and suddenly i realized he's gay. i have a gay magnet in me; if a men approaches me it is because he is gay (90% of the time). like when jessica told me to talk to someone on friday night, the one man i picked is a gay archivist living in greenpoint. i was tipsy so i didn't realize it until halfway through our conversation that he is gay, and he was so cool. it's not like i'm looking for someone right now. (keeping my fingers crossed for things to work out with t, but if it does not, i am not dating anyone for a while. a long while. i will always have love for t in my heart.) an albanian plumber hit on me, and he said, "i fix your leaks. do you have any leaks?" i said, "actually, yes, my bathtub is leaking and my super is being lame and not coming over." he said nothing, then asked me for the eighth time what i wanted to drink, and i told him for the eighth time i wasn't drinking anything else that evening. gal gave me some of his drink tickets earlier and i was done. i don't need to drink to have fun--plus i'm starting to train more seriously in my running so i don't want to be drunk if i have to do a speed workout.

at nearly three i realized i should get home and said goodbye to gal. the dancefloor was packed, people were smoking from the hookahs, and the bouncer winked at me. i realized that this is my new york city, my life, and i'm happy in it. it's not perfect, but it's my life, and i'm doing okay with it right now.

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