19 March 2006

coming home, alone and tipsy

i had this totally crazy night. this guy wanted the radical cheerleaders to perform at this club, and it was such a hassle but he kept begging, and finally we cheered, with mics, which sucked as no one could hear anything. we beat it after our performance and headed to prvada, a snotty expensive bar where less than one drink got me drunk. i'm pathetic.

i ran into this friend of my friend's whatever (not boyfriend, but it's slowly becoming that) and he was with his girlfriend. when this guy p and i had met two weeks ago he said something to my friend's whatever about me, and i barely remembered him but p apparently liked me. i was like, okay, whatever. today however, p had his gf. j was saying i could make out with him when his gf was around and i was like, "no way, that's bad karma." i won't do that.

besides, i'm waiting for antonio.

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Anonymous said...

Was staggering home happily typsy myself last night on red wine - with the moon like a big yellow frisbee in the sky. Autumn here, but still the odd balmy night left in the South Pacific.

Luckily did not have to wait for any antonio as mine was nearby but the sweet warm loneliness of the night was great. Was humming happily while wandering down the steps home then - just about died as a bird in the hedge was wakened and protested!

Heigh ho morning and reality once more! but it was great. Hope your night was as good.