18 March 2006


so i have been bad abt updating this blog. however, some good news: i got a fantastic job as a librarian for this rad women's nonprofit! i'm super excited, and i even negotiated my salary; my job now wanted to give me more hours and if i worked ft at my current job, i'd get paid more...so i was able to negotiate a higher salary. but, yay, i can't wait!

i'm listening to the evita soundtrack (with madonna and antonio banderas) and if antonio were here in my apartment, i'd have sex with him immediately. sorry, t.

t and i also didn't break up. we are, however, going to see other people, whatever that means. i suppose that means i can have sex with antonio banderas, but it's highly unlikely he's coming to greenpoint today.

my grandma's dog has cancer and is predicted to only live another month or so.

i gained weight.

people from my old life--or, rather, years ago, have started contacting me again. it's strange the way time makes you realize how you've changed.

oh, there's the buzzer. i believe it's antonio. ciao!

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