03 May 2006

the protest

saturday was the anti-war protest. it was fucking awesome. despite staying up past 4am with alex after he landed from sydney, i still was able to muster up enough energy to cheer. (i'm a radical cheerleader!) and cheer we did. popular favorites of the day were "masturbate don't detonate" and "my bush is better." we had so much fun screaming. i loved doing a thigh stand and screaming: if you can't trust me with a choice you can't trust me with a child! it's pro-choice or no choice abortion is a right! bush it is you we'll fight fight FIGHT!

the rads wooed the crowd as usual, and we screamed beyond the point of hoarseness. tears were in my eyes at the pain i was in while screaming. there was a fairly good turnout, but still, i felt the crowd lacked some of the energy i have seen at other protests. and most importantly, where the fuck were the anarchists? the rads are often part of the anarchist blocs and there was none. no other squads except nyc showed up; it was sad. the rc movement needs some inspiration. to read some cheers, or start your own squad, check out here for info!

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