10 May 2006

running is my religion

this morning, as i was completing my daily run, i mulled over various things on my mind. i let my feet take to the streets, let it all out as i ran, as i put one foot in front of the other, as i ran, ran, ran. i remember years ago, when i was moving into snow lion, my buddhist super said to me, "do you practice?" meaning, practice buddhist or practice spirituality with meditation, yoga, etc.

"yes, i run," i told him.

"ah, yes," zoran responded.

my roommate attacked me, "that's not meditation. you aren't meditating when you run."

"what about thich nhat hanh? and his infamous walking meditation you revere so?" i questioned.

"but that's walking! this is running! running is different!" said my roommate who never ran.

my super interrupted our argument. "no it's not. running, it's simply a different method of letting it all out. whether you walk or run or sit, it's all a method of un-avoidance, of meditation. i am glad we have a runner-meditator here."

running is a place where i can go that lets my thoughts flow, my mind is full of creative ideas...or a place where my mind is blank and i can truly focus on nothing as i push my body to its extreme. running is everything to me, and helps me better than any therapy ever could.

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Jim said...


Loved your post. My blog is probably the only other that quotes Thich Nhat Hanh in relation to running.

I, too, love running, love where it goes, where it takes me. I've been running for more than 40 years, and practicing running meditation for the last 10.

I'm trying to describe some of the techniques I've used to run and meditate, and am hoping that others, like you, will join me and add your experiences. Feel free to join and comment at http://meditationontherun.blogspot.com/.