11 May 2006

scary incident

today i was exhausted and took the bus to india st and didn't have the driver stop at my corner like i usually do b/c i didn't want to make everyone wait and some cute polish guy in his fancy car started hitting on me in polish. i said, "i don't speak polish" and he hit on me again in polish. "sorry, i don't speak polish," and then he said, "can i give you a ride somewhere? or get to know you?" and i was flattered but said, "i leave around the block" and ducked through one of those annoying construction-fake sidewalks (if you live in nyc, you know what i mean) and this guy started saying, "baby, wait baby," and following me and going to grab me and i freaked, and screamed, "get the fuck away from me! get away from me! get away!" and ran out of the fake sidewalk and crossed my street and i'm relieved i'm home in my safe apt with my little kitty and the sound of rain.

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