23 October 2004

Libraries Rule

as krs one calls himself, Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everybody being a (junior librarian) has offered me the entire world. before i entered library school, and started my library job (even if it is corporate, we all come from the library mindset), i would wonder things. "hmmm i wonder if Fahrenheit 9/11 is true." "wow, i wonder what jennifer belle's background is." "does anybody know any good recipes for chai?" now that i research regularly for work i have become more experienced, and more aware of my ability to leave no question unanswered. at work, i find myself googling veggie burger recipes, searching for information on how much the ceo of amex makes, checking out the background of various companies to see if i should support them, reading intelligent antibush news, etc. becoming a librarian has been an empowering experience--anybody who tells you knowledge is not power is different--KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! with knowledge you can do anything--go to school, find out what your senator did on this or that bill, do research for your boyfriend, grandmother, friend. i have researched for radical cheerleading, radical librarians, and radical cherie!


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