15 October 2004

my blue period

so i haven't written in a while. what can you do to cure a broken heart? here are some things that have been helping me since my boyfriend decided that a job as a fisheries observer in massachussets was more important to him than anything.

1. chocolate. you cannot lift out of a depression without chocolate. this is a fact.

2. good music. i have been listening to a lot of indian music, esp. ones that are good for yoga. it's soothing and calming and energizing at the same time. also, a cd ed gave me eons ago with way too much happy hardcore for anyone else is good. please note: if you are crying, happy hardcore makes you feel worse than before b/c all of the songs are about love. but it's a good cd anyway.

3. good food. i have trouble eating when i'm upset and i estimate i've lost 5 pounds at least since trevor and i have been having problems. some people eat a lot. i feel nauseas or queasy or just don't have an appetite. and hello, i'm training for the marathon and i am also the queen of food. i have heard, "i've never seen a girl eat as much as you." not anymore.

4. also, if i have the stomach and time, i cook. lentil soup, broccoli-gorgonzola risotto, mmmm!

5. a quiet space of your own that is nice. i love my apartment, it's so cute and perfect for me. it would be even better if trev lived there, but i'm not going to dwell on it. drink tea, write, work on my thesis, practice yoga, chill, play with luna.

6. play with my kitty. she knows i'm sad and she is super affectionate. or maybe she just wants to eat.

7. when it gets hard, call venessa, my mom, sister, other friends. i am so lucky to have so many rad people in my life.

8. write down what i feel.

9. read. no romance novels, none at all. humor is good. i like buddhist books abt sadness to help me through my times. pema chodron is really helping me out right now, thanks pema.

10. do me things, like dance like crazy or mop my apt while singing along with talib kweli, or yoga at 1am.

if you ever need a friend in a hard time, i'm here for you. thanks for listening.

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