16 October 2004

oh my god, i just ran 3 hours 30 minutes and 29 seconds!

welcome to training for the marathon

on nov 7th along with tons of other crazy people i'm going to run in the nyc marathon. i'm totally not ready for it--i have not been doing the distance i should, my distance runs are not as frequent as they should be. anyway watch yr tv, i'm psyched, nervous and i know that i'm absolutely insane!

if you want to come, bring orange slices and hand them out to me and other runners and hand out water. if you volunteer by handing out water you get tons of free stuff. it's so awesome, even if you dont run. and be careful where you're going on that day or yr liable to be stuck on the wrong side of the street for hours.

www.nyrrc.org has tons of info on the marathon. click on the part abt the ing nyc marathon

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