24 October 2004

so it's sunday, 11:29 am. i ran, showered, ate, and am dressed in these very comfy jeans my cousin gave me and my "boys are stupid, throw rocks at them" t shirt. i always feel better wearing this when i'm upset with boys (i.e., trev). i'm not upset at t, just circumstances. today i'm going to do errands. i sliced my finger accidentally very deep when slicing open a bagel. it bled a lot and i think it's time to change my bandaid. anyway this is more of a pep talk to myself and the world:
me, i'm running the nyc marathon--that's also known as THE marathon. (thee, not thuh.) it is the marathon that everyone wants to do--why i wanted it to be my first. aches and pains and yeah i am so not ready for this but i am psyched!!!

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