19 October 2004

so i think i see my ex-boyfriend on the train and is that why he keeps staring at me? he's writing, staring at me, then writing. it's not drawing, which is what he does. now i'm listening to antibush punk bands, procrastinating, yes, a test in online retrieval that is made up of THREE essays. i'm not sure how a test with 3 essays on ONLINE RETRIEVAL can exist but...i wrote my grandma a letter asking her to vote for kerry. my ex-best friend's ex-boyfriend will be performing at a club after i am done cheering, how bizarre. a day of exes. ex-schools i spoke at. i am confused. library school is messing up my head. i reheated risotto, better the first time. i'd like to go to sleep. i like big butts and i cannot lie. this is the true me. you ever drink so much it all comes out and it doesnt make sense but it's who you are? need sleep. read pema chodron, thich naht hanh. i miss my old roommate but she, i dont know. i am not punk rock. i am punk rawk. you are rockin. he is a punk. my cat is lazy.
"it's such a sad state of affairs."
"i'm in a rogue state."
songs, then poems. love then life. help me sort it out, kay? what to do when love runs away and you realize a city is holding you back--you need to stay, help them change. wilderness therapy? you need a motherf-in hug! a kiss for you, maam. ma'am if yr 50 or above. i'm not ma'am. sexy ms. yeah!

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