30 October 2004

well, it's a saturday night and i'm sitting here, working on my thesis. finally i'm working on it. i'm so screwed..."chapters?" "literature review?" it's halloween weekend i should be drunk off my ass dancing around at some club or party with my friends. well i'm running the marathon so i can't drink and i'm also running a 5 mile race in the morning. excitement.

i'm going to pa on tues to make sure bush doesnt get himself selected again.

i need to make pompoms.

t is supposed to come here tonight. yesterday was our five yr anniversary, yeah and i cried. i am trying to get through this but you know what, it's hard.

i need some time. like two months with no work. then i could process everything in my house and do a bit of writing. i have these bills piling up b/c i dont have time to take care of them.

i promise, after the marathon is over, i'm gonna be rockin rififi's fridays and opaline's saturdays. this running is wow....overwhelming.

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