20 October 2004

three girls on the train

i see three girls on the rush hour morning G train. they are going to brooklyn tech, i'm sure of it. three boys sit directly across from them, and they loudly talk, distracting me from my reading. i watch them. remember a shadow of myself, who i used to be. "no, you!" that's a sentence. they're loud. teens. laughter. my book does not entertain.
we get off at fulton, all of us. this is where brooklyn tech is, somewhere around here, the exact location i'm not sure of. and this is when i get to look at them.
one, long, dark waving hair, gorgeous olive-colored skin. she's the beauty of the group, the boys who i don't look at would probably say. the second one i don't look at. but it's the third girl i stare at.
she is wearing a head scarf, but i doubt it's her hair that would attract men. this girl is beautiful, hidden away in an untucked corner. a full face of makeup, that's what stops me. more makeup than anyone else on the train, but it does not look trashy. almost out of place with the headscarf, but perfect for the face. i wonder if she did the eyeliner before she got on the train, or if her parents knew about it. the eyeliner was thick, framed by eyeshadow and her beautiful eyes. deep lipstick.
will i see her today? does she take off her scarf when the boys kiss her? i don't know enough about scarves but sometimes i really wish i could just go back in time, make friends with the world and kiss everyone else in the process.

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