16 July 2005

"my boyfriend is back home"

i am really getting sick of people doubting me because i am traveling alone. what, i need someone to go with me? i actually LOVE traveling alone because it is ALL me and my spontaneity is carrying the trip. i love it! my boyfriend is at home, yes, and i miss him a lot, yes, and no i am not at all cheating on him, and really, why do you have to assume so much?

when people here i am traveling alone, they ask, "why didnt you bring your boyfriend?" well, he has a job, and why do you even assume i have a boyfriend? hmmmm? or, the worst ever, "your boyfriend let you come?" yes, i convinced him to remove the harness for a few months. wtf, since when does my boyfriend control what i do? and these are westerners saying these sorts of things, those from north america and south america and europe! "how does your boyfriend feel about you traveling?" well, he is really glad for me and wishes he could be here but he has no money to travel, and a job. "so, you´re not really staying true to him, right? because what happens in europe, stays in europe." that makes me so mad. i heard it before i left, and while i am here, and i have had the opportunity to be with various people, but am in no way interested in that at all! i hate that people say that. i am 26 and in love with someone, and yes, he is very far, but i think trev and i should get a degree in long distance love. i love him and just want to be with him, so stop asking.

this is really hard for me to be so far from all my friends and family but i think it is a good thing, it is a good exercise for me to do this. i am learning how to make decisions quickly and wisely, how to make friends, how to find things--in short, great experience for librarianship. i do get lonely, yes, thanks for asking and reminding me, but i spend a lot of time thinking and writing in my journal and seeing amazing art that just makes me think and think. i ended up in the prado at the same time as these obnoxious insane brits from my hostel and the experience just wasn´t the same, especially when one of them started giving me a lecture on why i need religion.

sigh. my boyfriend is back home, and yes i miss him, and i know it is hard, but you know what, i can do it. i can do whatever i want. if i could´t, i would never be here in the first place.

on a side note, an ozzie i met in san sebastian told me when she told someone she was traveling alone (and she is about my age), they asked her, "why didn´t you bring your parents?"

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Anonymous said...

good on you, carry on enjoying your trip and don't let peoples misconceptions or whatever put you off