23 July 2005

what a falafel is not

in oslo, starving and trying to find something we can afford, jason, my friend from my hostel who i think just went to oslo so he could drool at all the hot scandinavian men and take photos, we decided to get falafel. so we order, and the guy tells us it is going to be five minutes. okay. we sit down and notice other people getting there food, and it has been more than 5 minutes, and jason is complaining. finally i notice one of the guys comes from outside with a styrofoam container...in it are our falafel. he starts heating up a tortilla on this big thing right next to a big pile of meat and asks me what i want in my falafel. i tell him i am not going to eat a falafel that has been heated up next to meat, that i am a vegetarian and falafel is supposed to be vegetarian. he gets mad at me, and is like, no, this is how it is. on what planet, i wonder. i get my money back and he starts talking smack about me to jason and then he asks me how i usually get falafel. i was like, um, they put it in a pita and it is never cooked by meat. so then he gives me on in a pita and is so mean to me. he forgets to charge me, so i get it for free, but very obnoxious. otherwise, oslo was expensive and nice.

in berlin now, which is a bit ugly, but am having a good time regardless. german is such a scary language to me, but i am sure that hungarian will be even more frightening. i am so screwed there.

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