02 July 2005

pride in madrid

so i have of course found my spot as a fag hag across europe.

thurs night there´s a huge group of us in the lounge at the hostel, drinking forties (not me, ugh) and laughing too loud and saying, ¨what the hell should we do?¨so i meet this marine biologist who is actually straight but loves pride and we all go to the pride street party.


it´s like a huge ass party in the street with djs at these plazas and people stripping from their balconies and kissing bears and bars blasting spice girls and me finding my place amongst gay men. so fun. drank 6 euro sangrias (huge ass containers) and laughed and tripped and watched my friend try to pick up spanish ladies with his very limited capability. i think it´s hilarious that he´s doing this at pride.

and i´m having a blast, dancing and singing and meeting all these people from all over. and it occurs to me--this is once in my life. i miss trev and my life back home but you know what, i am not going to wish it away.

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