31 July 2005

tired, so tired

i love traveling, don't get me wrong. but i am so tired. i never get enough sleep and my legs feel dead from walking. it is probably the heat too....in budapest, it is sweaty sticky mess weather.

tomorrow i think i am going to take a day off: find a park, bring a picnic lunch, and read. maybe go to the baths and get a facial. all the museums are closed so it is perfect. but i am tired, i can't walk all over again. i know i should want to, but my legs just won't move.

one thing i love about traveling is finding the vegetarian restaurants everywhere. i ate at a vegan restaurant in prague, vegetarian cafe tonight, vegan deli in berlin, vegetarian mediterranean buffet in copenhagen...there are a lot of great places for non meat eaters, even in very meat based places. i just love hanging around those places, smelling vitamins and wheat grass and seeing women dressed in tapestries (okay, sarongs) talk about yoga and meditation in various languagues. i love it.

my trip is flying back. i can't imagine working. ugh. i won't think about that. instead, i am going to continue to live in the present moment, enjoying each and every day as i can. and right now, my present self is hungry, so i am going to food myself.

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