26 July 2005

sick of traveling, but really, sick of hostels

i am sick of hostels. i hate hand washing my clothes and snoring roommates and i seriously hate coed rooms, last night i was the only woman with 8 guys and this one guy was snoring like a lawn mower, it was horrid. i prefer female only rooms. i just found out the hostel i am supposed to stay at in prague is in a noisy neighborhood with drunks and bums and someone said they had bedbugs bite them and i dont want to stay there and it is such a hassle finding a new place and i am stressing. i hate this. i want to go home to my apartment and cry in my big bed with my cat.

otherwise traveling is fine. maybe i am just super depressed because of visiting this concentration camp, or having the ticket clerk scream at me.

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Anonymous said...

There's really no polite way to say this, and I hope you don't think I'm just saying it to be mean, as I'm not at all.

Quit whining!! You are on the trip of a lifetime and you are acting like a spoiled princess. The things you complain about are completely within your control. Don't stay in conditions that are outside your comfort zone if you don't like them. It looks to me like you are making yourself miserable and degrading from your trip.

I think your trip could be made fantastic by a shift in attitude, and perhaps a slight environmental change. This is the trip you counted down the days anticipating, and now you're letting a couple irratants ruin it.

I'd suggest that you chill out a bit and enjoy something that you're extremely lucky to be able to do.