06 July 2005

travel is about finding out who you are and what you want

i have been getting tons of advice from travelers, but i am sick of the ones who want me to rearrange my trip to do things they loved. like, that sounds awesome but there are so many places to go i can´t do them all. this girl was like, --you´ll be in amsterdam too long, go to brugge. and i can´t. this trip is about me saying, --hey that sounds rad, i´ll do that. but not always. i need to figure out what i want and do my thing and figure out what´s best for me. sorry, this is my trip and my time to make decisions. and it´s really exciting.

i met this guy and he was like, --what´s wrong with your boyfriend? why didn´t he come? um, nothing is wrong with trev, he just doesn´t have money and has a job. i wish he was here but he´s not. and i think it´s good i´m traveling alone b-c i can´t make decisions and this trip is forcing me to do things on my own. i think it´s very good for me to get in touch with myself.

my friend did the walk to santiago from france in 29 days. i´d like to do that at some point, it sounds amazing. just to be so free. still, this is my own pilgrimage and i have been doing a lot of self-reflecting.

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