05 July 2005

san sebastian is pretty even when it rains

i´m in san sebastian, and i´m feeling somewhat antisocial (although hilariously, two hostels ago, if you were antisocial that was grounds for removal from the hostel!) and am not going to the beach with the youngins. i think i´m gonna go alone (they´re also a long walk away) with good old leo tolstoy and do some writing. i just want to be alone and relax. hostel life is wearing and drinking, skinny dipping and screaming every night can be fun, but you know, i´m 26. i´m dreaming a bit more of stability, another cat maybe, a job that i don´t hate. and i love traveling but i know that i´m just a big ol homebody. i miss cooking. last night at the hostel i made a pasta dish with chickpeas and everyone was like, wow. i love seeing all these new places, and i´m not complaining, but i just think being a bit older than others can be a bit strange.

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