04 October 2005

cher & the city

so i admit it, i probably watched too much sex and the city today (thanks for the netflix trial lissy), but seriously, it's got me thinking: what is it that i want? (a run gets me thinking, anything causes me to think...) all summer people kept saying, so is it like sex and the city? and i laughed, yeah right. me with my old stinky shoes and my unemployment right n0w and no jobs i want that pay me anything...and i'm living in an apartment that looks out onto an ugly brick building and what do i want? what do i want? i don't know. i know when i'm unsatisfied, but sometimes, i'm not sure what to do next. like, how do i remedy it? how do i deal with the fact that my cat is my constant, that my relationship is stretched, and that my to-do list is enormous---what about when i start work? (luckily, i'll be done with sitc by then) now i'm going to flip through my macy's one day sale catalogs, dream about a bigger apartment, a good job...but live in the now. read, and write, and aim for the stars. because that's what life is like. and to get to the stars, you need to take the stairs...and that means hard work. and i'm here for the long haul, baby.

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