04 October 2005

konkrete jungle and then some: last night

i haven't been to konkrete jungle, the world's (or maybe just the country's) longest running drum n bass party, in forever, so i decided to go to see my old pal odi. i used to have the hugest crush on him, and we "dated" briefly, but that was AGES ago. before i went in, i was in the middle of a phone call with tonks, and odi saw me, and his eyes went, wow, i know you.

anyway, the music was pretty good, but it was fairly empty. there were lots of people, but it wasn't crowded, not for konkrete jungle. this annoying guy in a suit kept trying to dance with EVERY girl and he was driving me nuts. he didn't get the hint when i turned my back on him, held up my hand in his face, ran away; finally, i screamed, "i don't wanna dance with you" and he left me alone to annoy other women. poor them.

i'm tired, and got to thinking a lot. like i saw this guy who looked like ryan from amsterdam. then i started thinking of ryan, and mccall, and tanner, and joe, and everyone else i met. i started thinking of chris from ibiza, and rocky from prague, and emma from stockholm, and all these people...and a lot of them, i'll probably never see again. and i got really sad. so here i am sitting on the speaker at konkrete jungle while taking a break, getting sad that i'm not traveling. and thinking about that position in south africa. and knowing i need to travel more. and maybe i should go to montreal for a weekend. and maybe i should never stop traveling.

i danced till 3am, and then walked to the L. my new thing is, if i'm in the east village, i can walk to the L (usually plenty of people on th streets), then take it one stop to bedford, and take a cab (about 5 or 6 bucks) to my house. so i'm walking down st mark's place, because that is the most populated, and i see this tv that is showing...a porn. yuck. and then i see this guy is standing in front of his windows, and you can't see his crotch, but you know he's busy down there. and i ran up st mark's place, thinking, why are strange men always possessed to show their penises to me...stockholm, the night after the le tigre show. ugh.

i came in and luna harassed me for food; i didn't give in. i curled up in bed, falling asleep fast, and drum n bass ringing in my head. i woke up to the phone ringing; i have a job interview in two weeks.

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