16 October 2005

i'm good at not working, bad at looking for a job

so i did have an interview last week for a job as a librarian for an environmental nonprofit, and i have two interviews (mon & tues) for academic libraries, but really, i'm not very good at this job searching. for instance, today i woke around 9, did some housekeeping, went for a run, showered, ate, worked on an article for bootsnall, played with my cat, ate lunch, went to the central library of the brooklyn public library (which took nearly an hour each way to get there b/c of track work on the trains, UGH!, it should've taken no more than 25 or 30 min.), came home, did some reading in The Rough Guide to New York (i really need to go to the statue of liberty one of these days, and this book is reminding me of what a rad place i live in), then read some different travel books, and then realized, it's getting cold, it's 630, i should eat dinner soon. and i decided on black bean sauce with soba noodles, tempeh, and assorted veggies. and then i'm like, "i really should be looking for a job." which i haven't done all day. and i'm good at being unemployed: i can play with my cat, read, bake, redecorate, do errands...and i still haven't even done much writing (other than the stuff for bootsnall, and i'll post links at a later date so you can read them if you wish), or submitting because i'm doing so much "other" stuff. but this is it: i'm going to send my resume and cover letter to two jobs right now (before i prepare dinner, that way, i know i'll do it quick and now!), and later i'll look for more jobs. and don't remind me of all the bills i have to go through (a big shopping bag full!) and various messes around my apartment, and oh yeah, my friend is coming over tomorrow night so i want everything to be nice for her...i really need to get a job soon because i'm getting WAY too good at this unemployed stuff.

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