06 October 2005

with my freedom, i refuse to do things i don't want to

today i had a list of errands to do: return the broken screens i bought at home depot (they were messed up when i bought them, and i didn't use them, natch), use a gift card and a coupon on bath and body works, mail stuff from the post office. the one thing on my list i didn't want to do was go to my old job and say hi. i couldn't bear it--i walked down there, and some stupid corporate yuppie smiled at me as his cab cut off all the pedestrians...snottily, because he knew i was pissed by my facial expression. and i realized, i definetly did NOT want to be there. i walked on, and passed my job's building, a sour feeling in my stomach: i quit for a reason, and it wasn't just to travel; i hated that place, that corporation with its ill bureacracy hurting me and others. and so i walked. i walked onto the 5 train, and didn't relax until i was in union square, and was like, "it's okay cherie, you're free. you don't work there and you don't have to go back. you quit. when you quit you learned freedom, and freedom means you don't have to go back." and so i never will.

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