15 October 2005

clubs in new york

last night t and i went out to crobar. it was awful: all long island and jersey people, with massive fake boobs and tiny tops and collagen lips, and the dj in the main room ("where is dj rap?" we kept asking repeatedly) sucked, sucked, i have never heard such foul music as such a big club. maybe i'm spoiled with european clubs but....i had a better time eating toast and soup with t when i got home.

they say the rain finally stopped (after a week of nonstop rains, making new yorkers feel like a monsoon hit us) but in my heart, it feels cloudy. t just left and it's amazing how a wonderful person can make you so happy, and when they leave, emotionally you think, "this is all there is without them?" being in love is a confusing and wonderful thing; it would be better if t and i lived closer, which will hopefully happen soon.

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