04 April 2006

Going back in time

The past few days, I was in Colorado. I went to graduate school at Naropa for two years, and have many friends in the communities around Boulder. My first night there, I was sick, wearing a coat, and experiencing culture shock at how many youthful slim figures paraded down the Pearl St Mall, often wearing khaki shorts and long sleeved t-shirts with perfectly propped sunglasses, laughing, preparing for their next hike or walking meditation or whatever. It is so completely different out there, days and evenings occupied with philosophical conversation, Buddhism and Tibetan culture quite prominent, tea and coffee often several times a day with various friends, exploring used bookshops....

I miss my much simpler life. Granted, when I lived in Boulder, I spent much of my time mooning over my long-distance love, missing NYC, and stressing about money, but there's just something so great about riding your bike to work and walking, biking and running everywhere you go.

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Anonymous said...

Yep me too - had a taste of New York about a decade ago but, despite the excitement, decided the simpler, quieter life was the better option.

The trouble is that whatever the choice you make the other allways nags - I think of the fantastic Met, the pizza shop/blimpie bar up near the YMCA on 48E, pretzels and the maniac mayhem of the subway and when I can't get a book I need or downtown in 5 mins, sigh a lot.

On the other hand when you can count the local druggies/muggers/winos on one hand and your house does not require security cameras/armed response signs, the local version of 'boulder' is kind of great- Cheers.