16 April 2006

life, lately

i've been catching up on things lately; my apartment isn't quite so trashed, and the spring-like weather is just divine! today i went shopping and found a surprisingly inexpensive and cute pink skirt at brooklyn industries (ironically, at their soho location). i almost passed by and didn't enter but then decided to--most of their stuff is costly but i was having a free day. i really wanted to go shoe shopping but both macy's and dsw (my prime location) were closed. i found some cute shoes at other places but a lot of them have suckass return policies and i generally prefer walking around my apt in new shoes for a night before i decide if i want to keep them. so....

sew buttons, as craig would say.

i'm having all sorts of adventures i don't even know how to describe that probably seem pointless to most of you out there. like for instance, today i ran an hour and fifteen minutes and felt wonderful afterwards. or the fact that i am aware of the fact of the limitless possibilites of nyc and don't ever want to leave. or the fact that nyc is so fucking gorgeous, take that, the south, new england, wherever--it's a beautiful, beautiful place and i love everything about it.

about nyc, one of my coworkers said of e, "she's leaving because she doesn't love nyc enough. you live here because you love it. like the main sucky thing is, it's impossible to save. you live in shoeboxes because you can't afford anything else. but it's better than anywhere else--and that's why you stay."

and why we struggle.

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