16 April 2006

a very new york moment on the street yesterday

the scene: 14th st between 6th and 7th avenues. me, walking down the street east, wearing a short pleated tan skirt, pink tank top, and a cropped pink short-sleeved crocheted sweater. hair down. chatting on the cell phone with j. an attractive african-american man spots me.

guy: mmmm. you look like dessert.

i keep walking.

guy: and i got a sweet tooth.

me: well, i just had my chocolate so i'm okay. (referring the chocolate gelato carin and i had earlier.)

i suddenly realize that is not the best thing to say to a black man who's hitting on me.

guy: chocolate? you want chocolate? i'm all the chocolate you need, baby. i got chocolate. c'mere and get some chocolate.

me: jessica, um, this guy, don't say to a black guy you like chocolate ever unless you want to get with them.

guy: chocolate? chocolate?....

his voice fades as i rush into the subway.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

disgusting - here you had a perfect chance to excite us all with tales of gross miscagenation and maybe even end up with flaming crosses outside your appartment with people wearing white sheets dancing about and you blew it by rushing into the subway. Where's your spring sense of adventure??

Just joking - but then the only thing those guys said to me was want to buy and umbrella/gold so maybe I'm jealous - LOL